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Yugo Jump!

New character!

A shapeshifting (seen here in their preferred form) alien who came to earth to have fun!
They do not relate to human genders and are ok with any pronouns at all, as long as you're nice!

They haven't gotten the hang out of creating an even amount of human-like eyes, so usually default to the antennae-like ones on top of their head, covering most of the face with hair.

The mouth, particularly the teeth, is a personal choice, and so is the tail!

They have a questionable fashion sense.

If I were to make a comic which stars this character, they'd be the deuteragonist of a romcom comic titled "I thought I had a girlfriend but it turns out I'm dating a genderless alien from a planet with a name I can't pronounce!?"

I have NO idea what the protagonist would be like, or what would happen with the story, but I AM very amused by the title.