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There's something seriously wrong with it!

"I swipe, and swipe, and swipe, and it keeps giving me bad readings! This thing sucks!"

PocketChance's Among Us OC (named Silas Green), complaining about the ID card.

I never have any trouble with that task, but apparently that's a me thing!

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Among Us OC things

Heyy why not!

Among Us OC; White.

Full name: Clément White
Age: 40's
Prioritizes janitorial tasks (used to be a janitor, then a crime scene cleaner).
Named his mini-crewmate "Marshmallow".
Sees Marshmallow as his own son.
Usually sus because he doesn't say much, and has trouble remembering details.

When impostors, doesn't enjoy killing as it is messy, but he is task oriented. If murder is a task, then he has to do it.