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I go by Saucy online.

I'm trying this place out after PillowFort decided it was ok to sexualize characters who are minors.

Age: I'm was born in the 90's and am starting to feel it.
Gender: dude-aligned
Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them

Appreciator of tired fictional men.

Main Fandoms: OCs, NieR, Among Us, Promare

Do OCs count as a fandom? I love OCs....
Please tell me about your OCs


Some of my art inclused subjects that might make people uncomfortable such as discussion of trauma, death, bullying, age gaps(between adults only) and arguably toxic relationships and/or unhealthy relationships. I will be tagging with content warnings if a post includes any of these topics, even if it's mentioned as a joke.
Please do not hesitate to ask me to tag anything at all.

NSFW blog:


he slept with it [With Timelapse]

Did I purposefully avoid working on the bg bc I didn't feel like it?

With timelapse that I forgot to activate before the rough sketch was done!


Budgie animations

EXCITED!!!!!!!!! and eating a carrot!

Might find ways to include those in my VTuber streams bc they're made with my model in mind (he's a budgie boy, but a human one. This is pretty much his "animal" form.)

Budgie animations

EXCITED!!!!!!!!! and eating a carrot!

Might find ways to include those in my VTuber streams bc they're made with my model in mind (he's a budgie boy, but a human one. This is pretty much his "animal" form.)

Daisy O says....

✌ !!

Pink is such a good hair colour...
For emmyrider

NyanS Does a Sleep

me: I cant draw today my brain, having a good idea for once: cat boy easy to draw

And NyanS is good catboy.

Remember when I said...

... that I would NOT get into VTubing?

Guess I lied!!

Thank you!

I was surprised to get on here and see notifications!

To my new followers, I'm really glad that my art could interest you!

I don't post often because a lot of the art I make is not what I want to build my audience with on here.

I'm a commission artist for a living, and most of the work I do is furry related, and I'm not planning on sharing much of that on here, unless it's personal projects.

I want this place to remain a place where I share what I feel represents me better than what I'm paid to draw.

I don't know if that makes sense (I'm pretty bad with words when I'm not telling a story), but I wanted to mention it!

Magdadoodle (With timelapse)

Quick doodle of Magdalene to try out the brand new timelapse option on CSP!

Some White

A friend was streaming yesterday night and opened an board and I decided to draw White!

His design still isn't set and he looks different every time I draw him...

More limited tools is fun once in a while. (the text said "3/4 view is valid" bc almost everyone did that)

just a lil Chance portrait thing

there was talk about drawing things "not anime" earlier today with a friend so I wanted to try doing something bc of sudden inspiration
and I thought I'd chose Chance as my victim and this is the result
drawing noses is weird dfgfsd

Coffee Outside

Waiting for someone?
Or maybe on break!

I rarely do more than sketches of my own OCs, so I wanted to treat myself a lil bit!

I love this man with all my heart.

he do be looking kinda cute tho

what if the mc for that one hypothetical comic of mine was a generic nerd who's easily flustered and they started dating online
(what do you mean I ALREADY have a character who's an easily flustered nerd leave me alone!!!)

Yugo Jump!

New character!

A shapeshifting (seen here in their preferred form) alien who came to earth to have fun!
They do not relate to human genders and are ok with any pronouns at all, as long as you're nice!

They haven't gotten the hang out of creating an even amount of human-like eyes, so usually default to the antennae-like ones on top of their head, covering most of the face with hair.

The mouth, particularly the teeth, is a personal choice, and so is the tail!

They have a questionable fashion sense.

If I were to make a comic which stars this character, they'd be the deuteragonist of a romcom comic titled "I thought I had a girlfriend but it turns out I'm dating a genderless alien from a planet with a name I can't pronounce!?"

I have NO idea what the protagonist would be like, or what would happen with the story, but I AM very amused by the title.

An Anonymous user asked:

what program do you use for art?

I use Clip Studio Paint!
It's honestly the best art program I've used as far as drawing goes. It goes on sale for like $25 once in a while and I'd 100% recommend it!

Mountain Metaphor

Celeste was already an important game to me. The way it actually named depression and anxiety, and the way it made sure to remind you that if you couldn't do something on your own, it was ok to ask for help.

I won't spoil it for people who haven't played it, but I can't recommend it enough, if only for the story.

And today I learned that it had officially been said that Madeline, the main character, is trans. To me, it was obvious. But, even though it might sound silly to most, knowing that, officially, a character in a game that had an impact on me for other reasons would accept me and understand just... Meant a lot.

It's easy to think that fictional characters are just that, characters. But it feels like so much more when you spend a lot of time wondering if people actually do accept who you are. You can have a moment with yourself that feels safe. A moment of self acceptance through a character.

Celeste was already an important game to me, but now it's precious.

There's something seriously wrong with it!

"I swipe, and swipe, and swipe, and it keeps giving me bad readings! This thing sucks!"

PocketChance's Among Us OC (named Silas Green), complaining about the ID card.

I never have any trouble with that task, but apparently that's a me thing!

After literal years of saying I'd draw this scene, here it is!

It's Halloween, so it's dress-up time! Trevor's over-acting a bit but that's ok!

[Edit: Fixed backwards hand]

Hey there! You there for the free drinks?

She still needs a name aaaa..
A late-night post because I couldn't resist posting it before going to bed!


I wanted to draw a dragon
and one of my roommate's D&D characters is a dragon!
His name is Boss
He looks grumpy but that's mostly just his face

Among Us OC things

Heyy why not!

Among Us OC; White.

Full name: Clément White
Age: 40's
Prioritizes janitorial tasks (used to be a janitor, then a crime scene cleaner).
Named his mini-crewmate "Marshmallow".
Sees Marshmallow as his own son.
Usually sus because he doesn't say much, and has trouble remembering details.

When impostors, doesn't enjoy killing as it is messy, but he is task oriented. If murder is a task, then he has to do it.

The Main Cast (minus one)

I thought my very first post on here should be these guys!

They're the main characters of a comic I'm working on with my roommate (we're 2 years into working on it without a single page scripted yet, but we're almost done with finalizing the scenario!) called Playing to Lose (which is sort of a word play on the fact that two of the main characters love video games)

Trevor Simoneau: A computer tech teacher in his 30's who's made a lot of mistakes in his life, and somehow keeps making them. His priorities consist of his work, video games, his online videos and streams, and his daughter (though he deals badly with the latter).

Abigail "Aby" Simoneau: His daughter, already an adult has he had her way too young. She's a headstrong, hard working girl, who matured too fast because of the way her father turned out.

Chance Shepard: Abigail's best friend. A guy who acts as a bad boy, does bad boy things, but actually has a brain somewhere in there, and has an interest in computer tech, and the guy who teaches it. Actually kind of a geek who has played all of the video games (not really).

Not pictured is Charlene "Charlie" Bloom, Trevor's best friend since childhood, who sort of took the role of Abigail's mother, even though an actual relationship between her and Trevor wouldn't work out. She's a PE teacher with an actual social life.

The general story is not a happy one and mostly deals with making mistakes, seeking peace with hurtful coping mechanisms, growing up too fast, and living with the concequences of one's actions.

But there's still plenty of silly puns because as much as I like angst, still gotta lighten things up a bit once in a while!
(Most of what I draw for that project is arguably non-canon and just me having fun)